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Pearson Livestock Equipment

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Davy Ranch Supply, LLC is an authorized Pearson Livestock Equipment dealer. We keep standard squeeze chutes, XL squeeze chutes, wheel kits, and head gates in stock. Call 361-645-4960 for availability.

Other Pearson livestock equipment such as manual working chutes with specific options (head gates, tail gates, sides, palp cages, extra-long chutes, scales, kits, and upgrades), hydraulic chutes, Tru-Test scales, adjustable alleys, palpation cages, sweep tubs, and portable combination units are available through special orders. This equipment is made in the U.S.A.

Call 361-645-4960 for a quote.

Pearson Livestock Equipment Catalog

2019 Pearson Prime Chute Flyer  New Pearson Prime Chute Davy Ranch Supply Texas


Gravity Manual Head Gate

Wheel Kit Assembly

No-Corner Tub Kit

xForce Live Cattle Demo

Working cattle through a Pearson Hydraulic Chute

Pearson Livestock System and all the features

Sioux Steel Livestock Equipment

Sioux Steel Company Logo Davy Ranch SupplyWe are also an authorized dealer for Sioux Steel Livestock Equipment. All Sioux Steel livestock equipment is available through special order. These products are built in the U.S.A. Sioux Steel has calving pens, cornerless crowding tubs, adjustable alleys, scales, squeeze chutes, head gates, palp cages, squeeze chute carts, and portable working systems.

Call 361-645-4960 for a quote.

Sioux Steel Livestock Working Equipment Catalog


Sioux Steel Chute with Automatic Head Gate

Sioux Steel Chute with Manual Head Gate

HiQual Livestock Equipment

HiQual Logo Davy Ranch SupplyDavy Ranch Supply also has HiQual Livestock Equipment available through special order. These products are built in the U.S.A. HiQual offers calving pens, hydraulic calf chutes, transport trailers, crowding tubs, crowding alleys, sort gates, in-line gates, manual squeeze chutes, head gates, hydraulic squeeze chutes and XL hydraulic squeeze chutes.

Call 361-645-4960 for a quote.

HiQual Livestock Equipment Catalog

HiQual Squeeze Chute Flyer

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Livestock Handling Equipment